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About Us

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Started from humble beginnings, we are a custom home builder group. We have been blessed to be allowed to build homes for families throughout Indiana. We are a small-knit team grounded in the roots of the Christian faith.
We aim to design homes that are special and unique to each family.  

Our Story

"We met on craigslist" is usually how we start when asked how we met. And it is true. God definitely knew what He was doing that day.

We both grew up in homes with fathers who worked hard for their families and always with their hands.    

Although in construction, we were not yet in custom home building until the Lord guided us to start our own company. Little by little, we began and we were blessed. We have been able to see the mighty work through each of our custom builds and we are excited to see what will come next. 


tony and cathy johnson

The BridgporT Advantage

What sets us apart from the rest is that the owner is a part of every detail. Bridgeport stands firm in its integrity and moral value. We are a homebuilder that relies on faith and honesty in all of our communication and relationships.

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Meet The Team

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Tony and Cathy Johnson

Tony and Cathy will be with you the entire process. They will be aid you in the entire selection, design and completion of your dream home. 

Founder & CEO


David Pugh

Field Superintendent

David will make sure your home is built to your expectations.You will find David in each stage of your home's development. 


Bette Schuette

Bette will help put your dream home on paper. Together, you will be able to develop a customized floor plan that will suit you and your family's needs.

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Kathy Matthews


 Kathy keeps us all in line!

She is the brains of all the financial responsibilities for Bridgeport Homes. 

Drafts Person & Designer

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